Types Of Advertising: 7 Ways To Spice Up Your Marketing Results

types of advertising

Digital advertising is the new advertising. People no longer look for newspaper advertisements. Hence incorporating different types of advertising in your business can really speed up your marketing results.

Digital marketing has undergone several changes in the past few years to help marketing activities run more efficiently. The main purpose of any kind of advertising is to influence the people in a way that they convert from visitors into customers. 

The types of advertising covered in this article:
1. Social Media Advertising
2. Paid Search Advertising
3. Broadcast Advertising
4. Print Advertising
5. Direct Mail Advertising
The types of digital marketing covered in this article

Social Media Advertising

83% of the marketers used social media marketing and the success rate was 22%

Social media advertisement has grown in the past few years. From small businesses to large-scale businesses, everyone now prefers social media marketing. Not only is it affordable but can also help you target a huge sum of your preferred audience. It also gives you a quick ROI because if you have a well-structured social media profile, you can gain views within minutes. 

Here are some of the platforms that can help you advertise your products on social media:


With more than 2.9 billion users, Facebook could really help you marketing to the next level. Advertisement on Facebook is done through the following:

  • Video ads
  • Customer offers
  • Carousel images
  • Page likes
  • Lead generation
  • Event responses

To learn more about how Facebook helps advertisements, click here.


Instagram is another great option for advertisements, especially if you are a small-scale business. Instagram has nearly 60% of young audiences that are mostly under the age of 30. Instagrams algorithm works by targeting parameters from Facebook and presenting them to the audience. If you searched for a brand on Facebook, it will most likely appear on Instagram. Instagram’s ad units include:

  • Video ads
  • Image ads
  • Stories ad
  • Carousel ads

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising works by ranking your webpage at the top of the search engines. This happens if your webpage contains specific, focused keywords that relate to your brand. Paid searches provide flexibility to the advertisers as they only have to pay when someone clicks on their advertisement; this is also known as pay-per-click (PPC). 

The good side of Paid search advertising is that as long as the visitor does not click on your advertisement, you don’t have to pay a single penny. The most commonly used platforms for pay-per-click are Google Ads and Bing Ads. 

Broadcast Advertising

This kind of advertising caters to mass-market media that includes radio, billboards, or televisions; however, this is a little costly. Broadcast advertising on televisions can cost a lot especially if you have a startup or a small scale business. The cost usually depends upon the length of your advertisement, the playtime, the frequency, and the time when they are aired.

If you have a local radio or television network, it might cost a little less and could reach out to a common relevant audience. Broadcast advertisement helps reach out to a bigger number of audiences and attracts loyal viewers with high chances of converting them.

Print Advertising

Print Advertising is an essential publicizing technique for private companies before the appearance of advanced publicizing. Presently,  printing ad returns are shrinking, and as an entrepreneur, you might discover the expense is a lot higher than the expense of digital and social advertising.

It’s additionally harder to gauge the achievement of your print advertising since it’s practically difficult to demonstrate the number of individuals who saw your advertisements on paper, proceeded to purchase at a store, or become a customer of your business.

In any case, for some local companies or organizations that target more established, less digitally engaged audiences, print advertising can still be a good approach for your ad spending. Print advertisement incorporates paper advertisement, magazine promotions, and advertisements in pamphlets and flyers. 

Direct Mail Advertising

This form of advertising involves ads that are sent to the person’s home through mailing. This service includes sales letters, newsletters, brochures, and catalogs. Direct mail is a less known way of advertisement for small businesses than digital advertising businesses. It can be pretty effective if you develop a creative and appealing direct mail campaign. These direct mail ads enable you to send your message one-on-one to the locally based consumer.

Applying these ways to your marketing campaign would prove to be effective not only for you but for your business. Small businesses that are looking for ways to grow their client base and boost their returns, look into the above ways and apply them to get a great response.

Types of Advertising Conclusion

There are many types of advertising that you can use in your marketing. The definition of your success will be how well you use and pick the types that fit your business.

I’ve seen Facebook Ads perform well in Business to Business when no one thought it would perform.

I’ve also seen print ads be super successful in selling software.

You’ll have to test and decide which type of advertising works best for your company.

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