Trial Close: The Simple Question That Encourages a Yes

Trial close is indeed an essential part of your sales — not only does it help in lead generation but can also encourage visitors to convert into customers.

To be a top salesperson, it is important that along with understanding the trial close, you also master it. A salesperson without skills to encourage a yes out of a trial close is like a car without an engine and brakes. 

Let’s look at this from a buyer’s perspective: if you are a buyer and you come across a salesperson who talked for 10 minutes straight without answering your queries. This built up a series of unanswered questions in your mind and the salesperson couldn’t convince you to buy their product. What’s the use of continuous chat?

That’s when trial closes come in. You as a salesperson start talking to your customer while stopping after each three to four sentences to ask them if they have any questions. Before moving forward, clear those queries and then pitch your product. That way, you are likely to get a yes. 

Knowing the art of asking the right questions is known as trial closes. Let’s learn more about it.

What is a Trial Close?

An essential tool for a salesperson, Trial close helps a salesperson determine if the buyer is interested or ready to buy their product or not.  

Trial close allows a salesperson to ask buyers about their preferences and opinion. The close here determines a buyer’s decision to buy a product. As a seller, trial close gives you an idea about the buyer’s mind. For instance:

If you, a seller, should proceed

This happens if a buyer agrees with your proposal.

If you, a seller, should be cautious

This happens if there’s partial agreement on the buyer’s behalf. Here, the indicator is their questions and understanding of your proposal. You can fix the issue by figuring out and solving the issue.

If you, a seller, should stop

This happens when the buyer does not agree with any claims in your proposal. You need to stop right there, identify the issue, and work on the problem before moving ahead.

When to Use a Trial Close?

Here are four stages where you can use trail close:

After Each Main Selling Point

This stage gives you an idea of whether the buyer agrees with your claim about your proposal and product.

After Answering The Buyer’s Question

This stage gives you an idea about whether you have answered a buyer’s objection or confusion successfully or not.

After Clearing The Buyer’s Confusions And Objections.

This stage gives you an idea about whether there are any additional queries or objections from the buyer’s side.

Before Closing The Sale

This stage gives an idea about whether the buyer wants us to close the sale or not.

What usually happens is that the salesperson gets too busy in the presentation and conversation that they forget to take advantage of the trial closes. In such cases, the buyer is still pondering upon what the salesperson said first whereas the salesperson has moved forward ahead.

Example of a Trial Close

Here are a few trial close examples that can help you encourage a yes from the buyer:

  1. How do you feel about the discussion we had?
  2. What do you think about (an idea)?
  3. Before moving ahead, do you have any questions in mind?
  4. Does this product make sense to you?
  5. Does this solution make sense to you?
  6. What are your views about our conversation?
  7. Are you clear with what we have talked about so far?
  8. Can you believe how amazing (an idea) is?
  9. Do you think you are mastering this?
  10. Is this (an idea) registering?

Benefits of a Trial Close

Clear Obstacles

This obstacle can be a query or an objection that the customer might have in their mind. Trial close helps clear these obstacles so you can deal with them before closing your sale.

Builds Trust

Trial close is a way of asking your buyer’s opinion about something. This makes them feel welcomed and gives them a sense of being heard. This likewise creates trust and builds a strong relationship with your customer.

Increase Chances of Getting a YES

Since trial closes help clear confusions and obstacles that a customer might have regarding your product, it increases your likelihood of getting a yes. A detailed discussion before purchasing a product is what buyers like as it helps them get a better insight about what they are investing in.

Trial Close Takeaway

If you are a salesperson, make a trial closes your go-to buddy. They can assist you along your sales pitch to get a YES out of your customer. Know the right timing, know the right questions and you are good to go.

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