Marketing Technology Stack: The Key Components

The marketing department is, probably, the most important pillar of any business. Marketers play a crucial part in a business’ success not only by spreading the word about your offerings but also by implementing creative marketing ideas to keep you competitive in the market. They help you stay ahead of the competition and drive new customers and repeat business. But it’s all easier said than done. In today’s tech-driven world, a marketing executive must rely on a complete marketing technology stack to deliver the results that they are expected to. 

A marketer’s job is to portray a business positively to the general public in order to achieve their company’s business goals. They have to interact with the current buyers regularly to keep them active with their company. At the same time, they also have to reach out to new potential buyers to grab their business and boost sales. So, what’s the role of a MarTech Stack in all that? Let’s find out!

What is Marketing Technology Stack?

A marketing technology stack, marketing stack, or MarTech stack refers to a collection of modern technologies that marketers rely on for performing, analyzing, and improving their marketing efforts. 

Generally, these marketing technologies are focused on making tough marketing processes easier. They also allow marketers to easily measure the impact created by different marketing activities, allowing them to spend their marketing budget more efficiently. 

The Key Components of a Marketing Technology Stack

With the number of software available for marketers continuously on the rise and modern tech evolving every day to offer more tailored tech solutions to marketers, it can be hard to develop your marketing stack. However, there are a few key components that should be a part of your Marketing Technology stack. These include: 

Key components of a marketing technology stack
Key components of a marketing technology stack

Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS is essential to run your website or blog. It can even power any other web property you may have to engage with your customers. The best thing about having CMS on your MarTech is that you don’t need to be a tech geek to run it. 

Advertising Tools

For a marketer, the choice of the right advertising tools is crucial. They serve as a major tactic for customer acquisition, and you should be able to pick a few using which you can perfectly execute your campaigns. You can go for a combination of SEM, display ads, ad tracking/attribution software here. A few good examples of advertising tools could be Google AdWords, Facebook Power Editor, Bing ads. Read here to discover the types of advertising.

Email Marketing

Email remains a key channel for customer communications, and every marketer needs it in their toolkit. Email marketing plays an integral part in your marketing campaigns, and you should have the right tools and technologies to reap great results from your marketing efforts. 

Social Media

Using technology to keep social activity in check and engaging with your target audiences on different social media platforms can maximize the impact your marketing strategy can make. Popular social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn can also offer paid advertising features. Other tools to include in your marketing stack can be Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. 

Conversion Tools

The whole idea behind any marketing campaign is to convert traffic into quality leads and convert those leads into customers. For that, you may need to capture important data and do some analysis of how users interact with your offerings. With the help of tools like Crazy Egg, you can track on-site user behavior and easily pick out your conversion leads. 

Developing a marketing technology stack and using it to its full potential can save the day for a marketer in today’s tech-driven world. With the help of the right tools, they can perform better and drive results that will help the business growth go skyrocketing.  

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