Marketing Technology Software to Learn if You’re Starting


The digital age has given freelancers, agencies, and small businesses an abundance of tools for managing and maximizing marketing with minimal effort and high returns. While these tools are extraordinarily helpful and typically user-friendly, there’s still a learning curve with each new marketing technology software. 

By taking the time to learn prominent software in the marketing industry, you can position yourself for a top job in marketing or as a seller of marketing services, with little to no experience. But—with so many digital marketing tools at your disposal, how can you know where to start and which MarTech software will help you master your craft?

Fair question. 

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 marketing technology software to learn today. Start with the software listed below and continuously learn trending tools in the industry to stay relevant and knowledgeable as an online digital marketer. 

Marketing technology software to learn if you're starting

Software #1— Use Zapier to Connect Your Marketing Tools

Zapier is an integration tool that allows you to automate your processes across multiple apps, from CRMs to Google Sheets. As you begin to master MarTech software, Zapier is a prime app to take full advantage of integrations, with over 3000 integrations across other top digital tools

Software #2— Infusionsoft (Keap) is a Top-Rated CRM for Customizing Marketing Campaigns

From growing an email list to converting leads, to fully managing the sales process, Infusionsoft helps maximize return on investment by allowing you to build and manage the sales process you need. Infusionsoft even allows for invoicing and collecting payment with PayPal

Software #3— Hubspot for Social Media, Content, and SEO Management

With content and social media interaction a major player in today’s marketing game, Hubspot is the best tool to help you manage content across multiple platforms. They also offer software options that allow users to manage marketing (with analytics!), manage sales, manage customer service, and manage business operations. 

Software #4— Use Clickfunnels for Building the Perfect Web-to-Sale Converter Page

Need to build the perfect converter page? Clickfunnels is it. With its ease-of-use design, Clickfunnels allows users to build a designated webpage for your sales funnel. Clickfunnels helps to gain leads, convert those leads, and even accept payment for the purchase. If you’re unsure of how to build a great sales funnel, the team at Clickfunnels can help with that as well.  

Software #5— Optimizely Uses A/B Testing for Conversion Feedback Based on Data

With campaigns and funnels in place, Optimizely allows users to fully test a webpage from the consumer side and the server side. Their experiment analysis will report back on the user experience and provide insight on increasing revenue in a specific campaign. If you’re just starting out—or are a large business like H&R Block—Optimizely helps users gain confidence in a sales funnel and increase conversion rates. 

Grow Your Marketing Technology Software List

The tools listed above represent a MarTech stack that could effectively increase businesses marketing processes and returns—if used effectively. While learning marketing tools is key to building your experience as a digital marketer, you must also learn how to combine the proper tools to maximize your output. 

Understanding the full customer experience, app integrations, and software functionality will be the key to taking your knowledge about marketing tools and turning that knowledge into a fail-proof marketing process. Begin to optimize your tools in a way that they are providing the best customer experience, with the best business returns by taking the time to organize a MarTech stack of your core technologies

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