Marketing Technology Salary & Typical Responsibilities

marketing technology salary

Did you know that on average marketing enterprises use 120 marketing technologies? Discover the average marketing technology salary given to those who manage all of those technologies.

Old is the tale where technology started replacing humans in the job area. Likewise, marketing technology has also made its way into the marketing department. 

Marketing technology, also known as martech, is the combination of technology and marketing. It involves using technological abilities in marketing to optimize marketing strategies. The main marketing technology companies are:

  1. Salesforce
  2. Buffer
  3. Oracle
  4. HootSuite
  5. Hubspot

Marketing technologies are often misunderstood as platforms that provide facilities for marketing strategies optimization. Well, it is much more than just platforms. Marketing technology is a set of processes that helps in understanding and evaluating how technology meets marketing and how the technology helps in the optimization of marketing strategies.  Furthermore, it also takes into consideration the kind of effects that technology brings to your marketing plan, people, organization, and your customers.

Now that we know what marketing technology basically does, let’s learn about the marketing technology salary and responsibilities.

Marketing Technology: Responsibilities and Salary

People working around marketing technology are known as marketing technologists; a fairly new term in the industry but the growth shows an optimistic future. Let’s learn about the responsibilities of a Marketing Technologist.

Marketing Technologist: Responsibilities

Marketing technologists work directly with marketing technologies to optimize marketing strategies in a way that could drive their actions. Their aim is to bridge the gap between the marketing department and the IT department. The work duties of a marketing technologist vary from organization to organization.

Marketing technologist’s duties usually depend upon what the organization requires. They work alongside the opportunities to overcome the challenges of an organization. The task could vary from tech-heavy work to checking scripts, tracking conversations, and optimizing marketing-focused jobs. However, the most important duty is to make sure that the marketing automation platform delivers the right message to the right customer on time.

Marketing technologists work in accordance with IT departments and marketing departments. It collects data from the IT department that is then used to improve the efficiency of marketing activities. 

Before moving onto the responsibilities of a marketing technologist, let’s have a look at the skills required to become one:

  1. Excellent technical skills.
  2. Tackle high profile software and tools.
  3. Work around technical skills that include marketing automation i.e., CRM, SQL, Analytics, JavaScript, HTML. 
  4. Creativity to create improvised and more efficient marketing strategies.
  5. Strong analytical abilities to enhance customer experiences through customer data.
  6. Communication skills to communicate with marketing personnels and customers.

7 basic duties of a marketing technologist:

  1. Research new marketing technologies.
  2. Suggest new marketing technologies.
  3. Operate marketing technologies.
  4. Administer marketing technologies.
  5. Train marketing staff on how to use the marketing technologies.
  6. Integration of marketing technology with other marketing technology products.
  7. Monitor the marketing technology and data quality they are producing.

However, the two core most important duties of a marketing technologist are the selection and implementation of marketing technology. A marketing technologist’s core job duty is to determine whether a martech and technical tools will suit the company’s marketing strategy or not. 

Another important duty is to make sure that marketing technology and technical tools are implemented where they are needed. A well-implemented martech will help in improving customer experience with relevant interactions.

Marketing automation platforms work with technical analytics software and other technical tools; these are fundamental devices for the marketers, who depend on them to recognize, support and track leads, among different purposes.

Required Education

In order to specialize as a marketing technologist, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in either engineering, computer science, or a field related to technical marketing. You can also pursue internships in different professional companies that could help you shape your skills. 

Challenges That A Marketing Technologist Is Likely To Face

Now that we know the basic roles, duties, and education background, let’s learn about the challenges a marketing technologist is likely to face:

  1. Purchase decisions: Technology purchase decisions are critical. They are done in groups. It is important to work in a centralized manner while keeping a check and balance on the process. One important aspect for marketing technologists is to determine whether the technology they are purchasing fulfills the company’s goal or not.
  2. Evolving: Another challenge that marketing technologists face is the rapid changes in the marketing technologies. The ecosystem is constantly moving, especially because the cookies are going away. With the changes in marketing technologies, the responsibilities and duties of marketing technologists change too.

Marketing Technology: Salary Scope

According to the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the growth rate of the career of marketing technology is a great 7% growth from 2019 to 2029.

 This rate is faster than all other occupations. Moreover, an annual salary of $56,851 was reported by PayScale for marketing technologists.

Look through the map and table below to see the average marketing technology salary in your state.

StatesSalary of Marketing Technology Manager
New Hampshire$83,377
New Jersey$125,777
New Mexico$87,094
New York$117,272
North Carolina$103,188
North Dakota$72,042
Rhode Island$126,601
South Carolina$97,094
South Dakota$107,368
West Virginia$113,955

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