Marketing Technology Resume Writing

Whether you are seeking remote work, in-office employment or a combination of the two, marketing technology jobs have quickly grown in popularity over the past decade. Furthermore, with the recent global pandemic, the way consumers and companies conduct business with the use of technology has drastically changed in just the past year. Discover how to write your marketing technology resume to impress recruiters and secure your next role.

More so than ever before, people are heading online to shop and work, and companies have quickly adapted to these trends to increase online marketing and to make their businesses more technologically advanced and digitally centered. According to Forbes, “it’s likely that the changes brought on by the widespread use of e-commerce during the pandemic will shape the fabric of consumer behavior for years to come.” 

We’ve conducted the necessary research and have the answers you need to successfully enter the tech marketing job force. If you are a marketing technology expert seeking resume help, check out our top tips for creating compelling professional documents! 

Discuss the Marketing Technology You Specialize In

While seeking a tech marketing job, it is important, to be honest about the types of technology you specialize in and to use these facts about you to advertise your expertise. 

While writing your resume and even optimizing it for sites such as LinkedIn, it’s important for you to discuss your specific and unique skill set as a way to set you apart from other candidates. In addition, researching commonly used keywords and “buzzwords” within your industry to incorporate into your resume can greatly help your chances of being noticed! 

Reveal Your Ability to Utilize Data to Grow the Company

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “show don’t tell”? While your high school English teacher was probably telling you this in the context of writing a story, the same lesson applies when writing a resume for marketing technology jobs. 

Don’t just tell future employers that you can use data to grow their company. Instead, give specific examples of the types of data you can analyze and how you will use that data type to offer helpful suggestions for important company workflow changes. 

Major Marketing Technology Resume Talking Points

  • Reduce Churn
  • Track Sales Cycles
  • Drive Sales
  • Industry Trends
  • Anecdotal Data

Consistently Demonstrate a Willingness to Learn and Adapt

As the industry is ever-changing, it is important for anyone seeking tech marketing jobs to adopt a growth mindset. Once we become knowledgeable experts in any field, it is easy to fall into the bad habit of thinking we know it all. The reality is, most jobs have to go through transitions to remain successful and relevant. 

Therefore, it is essential for you to show future employers through your resume that you are adaptable, flexible, and willing to learn new things. You can do this by discussing a time you successfully applied new skills that you learned in a training or even listing all your efforts to continuously further your education.

It is no secret that there is an art to resume writing, and it can be difficult to pinpoint reliable and accurate resume help. For more information and expert advice about entering the marketing technology industry, subscribe to our newsletter. 

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