Marketing Technology Jobs to Ignite Your Career


Marketing technology is one of the most booming industries and offers a diverse variety of marketing technology jobs for everyone. It is not limited to the educational background only. For working in the marketing technology industry, you must have some skills up your sleeve. 

Apart from IT, whether you’re an expert in graphics, writing, analytics, etc., there are high chances that you will find a job that will shape your career. Following are given a few marketing technology jobs to ignite your career.

A list of the marketing technology jobs covered in this article:
1. CRM Administrator
2. Paid Advertising Manager
3. SEO Manager
4. Website Designer
5. Markets Research Director
6. Social Media Marketing Executive
The Marketing Technology Jobs covered in this article

CRM Administrator: My Favorite Marketing Technology Job

Consumer relationship with the brand is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to marketing. A customer relationship manager is someone responsible for looking after the consumer’s needs. A CRM is in charge of handling the customer relationship management software, which is usually provided by the organization. It provides all the data related to the consumers. It includes details on lost and successful sales, recent activities, quotes, etc. 

A CRM must collect, analyze, and prioritize the information and forward it to the marketing management team. It is a great career choice for those who have good IT skills and at least a computer science bachelor’s degree along with good communication skills. A CRM has a significant part in consumer and company relationships as they also play an efficient role in strategizing for consumer retention campaigns.

Paid Advertising Manager

A paid advertising manager is responsible for overlooking the performance based on the paid marketing strategies. They analyze the budget for the paid activities and revenue. Based on this analysis, he guides the companies about future advertising, consumer campaigns, sponsorships, and other profitable brand programs. He is expected to be well versed with the latest marketing trends and have leading capabilities to run the marketing team.

 They are experts in reaching and experimenting with partnerships with new vendors. Paid advertising managers must analyze and present the best platforms for advertising, making sure about their target audience and the companies budgets. If you can handle pressure, work on tight deadlines, and cope with numerous projects simultaneously, then going for a paid advertising manager as a career will be ideal for you.

SEO Manager

The role of SEO in marketing is not hidden. It holds one of the most pivotal places in the marketing business. An SEO manager will work together with its team for the online success of the company. The implementation of correct SEO strategies will have a direct impact on the brand’s search engine ranking. SEO manager overlooks the on and off-site optimization programs along with the highly efficient keyword research. 

They are expected to have up-to-date knowledge about the current trends in the market and can come up with a systemic SEO strategy with their team. It is an excellent opportunity for graduates or especially for freelancers with in-depth SEO knowledge. The SEO manager has extensive knowledge of the competitor’s techniques and comes up with those that get the brand an edge over its competitors.

Website Designer

Web designers have a very diverse role in marketing. A website is an essential pillar of one’s business, and web designers create, design, and launch a website. This pretty much covers all the aspects such as graphics, audio, video, text writing, editing, coding, and other technical requirements. 

They make sure that the website is fast, easy to run, rich with quality content, and aesthetically pleasing as per the consumer’s requirement. A web designer can pursue his career after completing his bachelor’s. They are contract workers, freelancers at the starting point. An efficient designer will know about programs and software such as CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc.  

Revenue Operations Manager: The Ultimate Marketing Technology Job

Revenue links the sales, marketing, and consumer reach. Revenue operations managers work with other teams to set up future goals and develop exceptional strategies to achieve them. And as a result, it increases the revenue of the brand. For this purpose, the manager also has to discuss with consumer reach, sales, and marketing teams to select the technology that will help achieve their goals more efficiently and in a shorter time. 

They need to analyze and strategize the performance of the related departments. And make or suggest the required alterations within the teams based on their performance. This job is a perfect choice for people interested in increasing their rank and having previous marketing experience.

Markets Research Director

While running a business, you must know the current trends and your competitors. This gives you a basic idea of where you need to start or what you lack. There comes the role of the market research director. His job is to analyze the industry, trends, consumers, revenue, etc. The team can develop strategies that will help the brand achieve success in the fiercely competing market through this data. 

The market research director usually works with various departments and teams. Together they come up with the best marketing strategy. They oversee that the strategies are also implemented in the right way. They also need to make sure that the company is getting desired results and recommend changes if needed. This job offers an income between $74k to $157k.

Social Media Marketing Executive

Social media marketing is the latest trend in the industry. However, the term social media marketing itself is pretty vast. The executive works on analyzing and implementing successful social media marketing strategies. Consumer engagement and sales have a direct link with social media. They overlook how they can make the best use of social media channels to increase their revenue. 

At the same time, make sure that the content is engaging enough to drive in new consumers and retain long-term consumers. Social media marketing executives can make up to 50,391$ annually. And is an appropriate job for fresh graduates and freelancers.

Content Marketing Executive

A content marketing executive handles the overall content strategy of the brand that is presented to the world. It includes managing both online and offline marketing programs. They have efficient writing as well as communication skills. They have expertise in a variety of content such as writing e-books, blogs, whitepapers, etc. 

They work with other marketing, sales, consumer care teams and externally with experts in fields. They ensure the quality of the content is up to the mark for driving in leads and generating sales. This post is suitable for a person who has a bachelor’s or BS degree.

Key Takeaways on Marketing Technology Jobs:

These are the few most sought-after jobs in marketing technology. It has vast space for fresh graduates, freelancers, and those looking forward to increasing their rank through experience. But always make sure to go for the ones that you are sure will suit your skills. As it will surely help you make a successful career in marketing technology.

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