Marketing Technology Interview Questions to Prepare for Your First Role

In the digital age, marketing technology is a vital tool for business automation and survival. While it would be possible to grow a business without the use of schedulers, funnels, and CRMs, the eCommerce venture would likely be long and arduous. This reality creates space for marketing technology specialists and places high value on marketing technology services & providers. Discover the core marketing technology interview questions you’ll be asked when pursuing a role in this growing industry.

With rising demand and ever-changing solutions, the martech industry is a great one to be in, reaching an industry value of 121.5 billion dollars in 2019. Perhaps more exciting than demand is the opportunity and ability to shift into the industry. You do not need experience or a college degree to get your start in marketing technology. The world of digital marketing solutions and eCommerce strategy is not contingent on glorified training—but on proven capability

What this means for job seekers: simply learn the material, understand the functions behind the screen, and prepare to adequately showcase your skills. With free and economical resources like courses, masterclasses, and simple internet research, you could be well on your way to your first MarTech role. 

If you’re new to the industry and ready to dive into the world of marketing technology, here are five interview questions to help you prepare for your first job opportunity! 

“What are your technical marketing technology skills?”

Be prepared to explain what tools you are proficient in. You should be prepared to speak to the functionality of MarTech tools, demonstrate integration knowledge, and be able to showcase your skills within specific applications. Within this category of questioning, be prepared to know and speak industry language. 

For a full list of martech tools, visit here.

“How would you rate your ability to develop and implement a full marketing technology strategy?”

In this line of questioning, you can expect to be asked about your problem-solving skills or your strategic ability as it applies to MarTech solutions. Be prepared to offer MarTech Stack solutions or line out mock sales funnels. 

“How Would You Handle Teamwork on MarTech Projects?

As in any industry, your interviewer will want to know how well you work within a group. You should be prepared to speak to times you’ve worked in a team and how you would apply those principles to marketing technology projects. Be prepared to answer questions about collaboration, criticism, or the importance of effective teamwork. 

“Can you provide an opinion/strategy on this marketing technology case study?”

Entering such a technical industry will require an evaluation of your skills. Prepare for example-based questions that the interview will use to determine your skill set or knowledge value. If you provide feedback on a website or a sales funnel, you should ask leading questions so you are able to give tailored feedback. The questions you ask about the case study will give your interviewer insight into your understanding of MarTech objectives. 

“Explain a Successful Experience or a Notable Achievement in MarTech.”

While not technically a question, this is a common MarTech interview topic. Being able to reflect on a successful experience in the industry and convey what your contribution was will give your interviewer further insight into your capabilities and skill level. *Think profitable funnel, sales growth, or increased business functionality that was a direct result of your work in marketing technology.

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