Marketing Technology Freelancer Tutorial: 4 Reasons to Start

Taking the entrepreneurial leap into the sea of life can be quite a daunting task. From bookkeeping to sales to taxes, owning a business comes with a lot of questions and a lot to manage. Luckily, the tools exist for us today to support our back-of-house and most customer-facing operations simply and efficiently. Here is how you can become a marketing technology freelancer.

Here’s the question: Will the time and capital investment into a slew of digital marketing tools truly be worth it in the end?

The answer: Absolutely, and here’s four reasons why. 

Stabilize and Grow Your Income by Effectively Managing Leads

By investing in CRM (customer relationship management) software like Hubspot or Zendesk you can nurture your clients and future clients in a cohesive way for your business. Missed follow-ups, un-targeted marketing, and basic client management can all be resolved in one place with a CRM. 

With less stress and less margin for error due to automation, you should see a steady stabilization and potentially increased gain in revenue from using a CRM tool to its full capabilities.  

Gain Valuable Insight Into Your Business with Data Tracking and Analytics

CRMs allow you to track, gather data, and analyze results within your operation. Data tracking within the lead process, for instance, allows you to see what is working, what is not, and within what demographic. This insight allows you to make informed decisions in the marketing process. 

If you’re a freelancer marketing your services on social media, you can apply these tools to social media as well. Track and manage your content, and refine your strategy to increase your results.  

Email Building & Targeted Campaign Functionality Can Skyrocket Your Business

Email handles are the keys to your customers door and your focus should be on growing your email list, no matter your industry or level of business. 

Powerful CRMs like Keap allow you to grow and manage your email list, while also offering customizable campaigns. These processes can be fully automated, meaning all you do is put the processes in place to grow your list, turn on your campaign, and watch the business roll in.  

Digital Marketing Technology Will Put You in the Position to Scale 

Improving the way your organization does business, both on an administrative level and on a sales level will drastically increase your ability to scale your business.

While Excel or simple email management may work for a small-scale operation, if you plan to grow in the future, you will need more insight, more capabilities, and more automation. 

As your business grows, so will your role in your company. Optimizing your processes will allow you to focus on growth and your business won’t be interrupted. 

Business Growth Tools are in Abundance—Use Them

If you truly want to have a successful business and enjoy your life as a business owner at the same time, you need to embrace the digital age. There are so many digital marketing tools at our disposal, from helping you grow your blog with SEO tools to robust CRMs, modern technology has allowed us to operate in ways only accessible to large corporations.

While choosing the right tool is another topic, embracing these tools will be your key to optimized operations, increased clientele, increased revenue, less stress, and overall business success.

As a marketing technology freelancer, you can guide companies to use these tools to their full power and provide massive value to clients.

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