Marketing Technology Certifications: Can They Improve Your Resume?

marketing tech certifications

Even though professional certifications have a reputation for pumping up the resume, the evolving nature of marketing technology certifications implies that customer product enablement programs and vendor-sponsored certifications will continue to be needed. 

There are several continuing education options meant to assist marketers to advance their careers at every point, from product-focused classes to platform-specific badges, and even professional marketing associations to prestigious colleges. 

Mary Barba, content marketer and the founder of Barba Digital, advises marketers to ask themselves these three critical questions while assessing choices for continuing martech education to help them choose the optimal path.

Are the marketing technology certifications up to date, accurate, thorough, and relevant to my career? 

Taking advantage of the free Trailhead learning programs is a no-brainer for marketers who focus their careers on developing skills around a certain platform (for example, Salesforce CRM administrators). 

Other providers offer several training options depending on the customer’s membership level, with charges included in the price or available as an add-on. The thoroughness with which these businesses examine and update their instructional design methodology is reflected in their continual growth of thought leadership. 

Will I be able to complete the marketing technology certifications in a reasonable amount of time? 

While many institutions and professional groups, such as the American Marketing Association (AMA), provide professional credentials, some programs have a time constraint. Other companies provide self-paced training with limitless access to product tutorials. Finding the right fit can be difficult, and Barba believes that everyone learns differently, therefore self-awareness is essential before enrolling in a program.

Is the effort worth the price? 

Some firms will pay for or reimburse employees for continuing education classes that will help them progress their careers and improve their skills. The fact that many martech certificates are either free or low-cost is the cherry on top. Some businesses provide free classes and tests. 

Others enable you to take the courses for free but charge a little cost to take the exam. You can save hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to other high-value continuing education alternatives while still seeing great career-altering effects.

Key Takeaways on Marketing Technology Certifications

Martech companies educate their audiences in exchange for pumping up their resume and adding value to them. These important questions will help marketers find the greatest fit among the many Martech learning courses and professional certifications available.

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