What are Marketing Operations? An Intro to Marketing Tech

Marketing operations are the most crucial and essential element of an organization. 

Marketing operations — the backbone of any marketing team that helps it support the functions and deliver plans right on time to improve the company’s marketing function and deliver value.

Let’s learn about marketing operations in detail.

Marketing Operations — All About It

What are Marketing Operations?

Marketing operations are a platform that unites people, technology, and processes that help run a business’s marketing activities and bring positive changes. They work towards optimizing marketing processes that vary from strategy implementation to analytical reporting. The aim is to make the pathway towards achieving the goal easier through systems that ensure that marketers have the best possible equipment to be the best at what they do.

Marketing operation aims to optimize marketing activities. This includes

  1. Planning
  2. Budgeting
  3. Executing
  4. Analyzing

The stages involved in marketing operations work towards increasing the efficiency and outcomes of marketing activities. It revolves around strengthening marketing strategies through business processes, infrastructure, reporting, planning, and budgeting.

Marketing Operations: 5 Pillars

In an organization, marketing operations are responsible for performing the following five tasks:


Did you know that Advocate Health Care had been in the bad books for violating HIPAA rules? This happened when an employee left a laptop in their car, exposing the company’s crucial data.

One thing any business or organization does not want is a bad reputation. It not only takes away their loyal clients but also is extremely hard to recover from. This is where marketing operations help. They work around the tools to manage risk to maintain a company’s privacy. 

Marketing operations work towards managing the marketing functions and reviewing/ approving them to ensure that they comply with its policies. This is a common practice in industries like financial services. 

Marketing Technology Infrastructure

Marketing operations work with many different components of a company — from handling the website to reviewing and approving software to eCommerce solutions. It manages multiple tasks. 

The marketing operation has to stay updated with whatever new invention takes place. They need to evaluate, analyze, and select new software that can perform better and more efficiently. In 2011, 250 marketing technology landscape solutions grew to a whopping 7040 in 2019.

Creative Process Management

Marketing operation’s primary responsibility is how different marketing processes happen in a company. For instance, suggesting new ideas and having everyone follow them is what marketing operations do. If executed correctly, this can help teams to perform their tasks effectively.

Project Planning

Another purpose of this new industry is to build new strategies. It does so with the help of the project, program, and managers. It likewise helps in managing complex projects within clearly defined means.

The marketing operation team is crucial in marketing strategies, budget planning, execution, and meetings to review the performance. These teams could either be a separate entity solely working for email marketing, search, events, social media, etc. 

Data Analysis

For any marketing department, the most crucial aspect is to develop marketing strategies so that all of the marketing’s necessary insights are taken into consideration and built under high-performing campaigns. This is what the team is responsible for. 

Marketing operations are responsible for reporting, checking analytics, and reviewing the program’s performance to increase effectiveness. 

Marketing Operations: Importance

Marketing operations help teams complete their everyday activities in a better and more efficient manner.

However, this doesn’t involve just those easy operational activities — there is a lot of technological intervention; hence to complete these tasks, a team of qualified marketers is required that understand the complexity of the technology used. 

Marketing Operation Tools


To improve its accuracy and budgeting rounds, Marketing operations require powerful software. Here is how it can help:

  1. A powerful software helps increase the accuracy of the entire company. With the correct execution, it can make the team less time-consuming and error-free.
  2. Powerful software can improve collaboration. It helps unite members from different departments on one platform, one tool, especially when building budgets.
  3. A powerful software reduces the chance of risk since it does not work on multiple sheets. It has one platform that ensures the security of data.


Marketing operations work alongside different tasks while ensuring that everyone is united on a single platform to provide an efficient work pace. Here is how good software can help in this regard:

  1. It helps track how the team performs as a whole single entity and the pace of productivity. 
  2. It helps achieve deadlines because the flow of work completion is the same amongst all the employees.


Since Marketing Operations run different tasks and programs simultaneously, they require various collaboration tools to organize these tasks in one place. Here is how good software can help in this regard:

  1. It helps to distribute the workload amongst the employees that ensure employee motivation and productivity. 
  2. It helps to keep track of the number of tasks assigned and completed.
  3. It helps organize tasks in a way that ensures productivity and monitors the progress that includes how much time is spent on each task, how long it takes an employee to complete a task, etc.


Marketing Operation is the backbone of any company. It aims to optimize the marketing process by building, executing, and regulating marketing strategies. Previously companies had Project managers to help them with the marketing processes; however, now, marketing technologists have made the work easy.

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