Freelancer Affirmations: 5 Mantras to Help on a Stressful Day

Freelancers struggle greatly with self-talk in their heads. It can take everything to keep moving when you make mistake, think a client is mad at you, or are just feeling out of rhythm. Remember these five freelancer affirmations to keep your self-talk positive and encouraging.

You are much more than your job

On a particularly rough day, I try to remember that I am not my job.

For a while, I thought my job was the only interesting thing about me.

This made it all the more devastating when I didn’t succeed or meet my own expectations.

Over time, I realized this wasn’t healthy.

Now when I get overwhelmed, I stop to think about what would happen if everyone fired me in one day.

Then, I ask myself:

  • “Would my friends stop talking to me if I lost my clients?”
  • “Would my family members love me less?”
  • “Would my life change that much outside of finding new work?”

The answer is a hard absolutely not.

Gary Vee uses this tactic to an extreme on difficult and stressful days. He closes his eyes and imagines that he just received a call that a family member was in an accident. When you envision a tragedy like that, work seems small and you gain perspective on your day-to-day.

On the days you really struggle with your job, remember that you are so much more than your job.

One Mistake Does Not Define You

When you make a mistake as a freelancer, it can feel devastating.

You think that you aren’t being the expert you promised you’d be. Queue the imposter’s syndrome.

In actuality, clients are paying you to be there when mistakes inevitably happen.

No one expects you to be perfect.

In fact, a mistake may be an opportunity to grow and gain the trust of your client.

Here is my personal guide on handling mistakes as a freelancer.

3. Success Is Not Linear

When I first started freelancing, I had massive success in my first 2 months.

Then, everything died down. I felt like I had the air punched out of me.

I called everyone I knew and asked if maybe I wasn’t cut out for it.

In that one August, I went down to a fourth of my usual monthly takehome from my job.

I felt like I was a fraud. Luckily I had some excellent mentors who slapped in the face with reality and encouraged me.

Fast forward to December, I had completely recovered and made 4 times my monthly take home to offset it.

These two months, August and December of 2020, taught me that success is not linear.

You are not defined by a single moment in time and your hard work can click into gear at any moment. Don’t give up too early.

4. You are doing your best

Remember that even on your most difficult days or the day you think you’re being lazy, you are still doing your best.

Your career will be long and include many days. Some will be stressful and some will be easy.

Remind yourself that even on your off days you are bringing your best.

Even if clients are upset with you, it is important to know that you are doing your best at your current stage.

This is not the same as avoiding feedback, but it is important to keep reasonable expectations for yourself and not set an impossible standard for yourself.

5. Be Proud that You Showed Up

Showing up is half the challenge.

Many don’t even take the first step to show up. As a freelancer, you have already made the first step towards success.

Remind yourself that going through the motions and showing up is a strength of your own and can lead to success.

Success is about consistency, not being perfect on the first try.

Lower your impossible standard for yourself and remember that showing up is an achievement in itself.

Why Freelancer Affirmations Matter

Being a freelancer is incredibly difficult even with the rewards.

Since you don’t have coworkers or a manager, you will have to encourage yourself even when you’re not feeling confident.

Your self-talk can become your best weapon or your worst enemy. These are the 5 freelancer affirmations that help me on my off days.

Remember to be kind to yourself on your freelancer journey!

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