Digital Marketing Salary & Responsibilities

As a digital marketer, you won’t just have to be responsible for getting higher rankings for client’s websites. Instead, there are several other responsibilities that a digital marketer needs to fulfill, regardless of whether he is a freelancer or earning a digital marketing salary. 

Many people have wrong speculations about digital marketing, job roles and responsibilities, and even the digital marketing salary. Due to such perceptions, many potential individuals back out from interviews in a digital marketing company and move towards the IT sector because they believe that the salary of an IT professional is quite more as compared to a digital marketer. 

If you, too, are thinking in the same way, it’s time to get rid of these myths or speculations and understand everything in a more clear way. 

What is a digital marketer? 

A digital marketer is responsible for overseeing and transforming an entire website and changing the existing content and structure for drawing more traffic to it. Be it a restaurant’s normal website or a corporation’s high-end profile, and a digital marketer implements different strategies to get higher traffic, generate more leads for the concerned business, and increase the website’s visibility. 

They are well-acquainted with the rapidly changing market trends, and hence, using those trends, they make changes in the website so that it doesn’t become obsolete. 

What are the responsibilities of a digital marketer? 

Before talking about the salaries of a digital marketer, it’s important to discuss what exactly such professionals are responsible for and how they can achieve the goals. In this section, we have discussed the several responsibilities that a digital marketer needs to fulfill while working for a client as a freelancer or a salaried employee. 

Website Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

One of the major responsibilities of a digital marketer is to optimize an existing website as per the ranking algorithm of different search engines, especially Google. SEO is very important for a website because it determines its visibility and provides the Website’s exposure to draw more audience to the business. 

Social media optimization of a website

One of the major marketing techniques that most digital marketers follow is social media marketing or SMM. However, to get positive results, one needs to ensure that the business’s social media account is optimized properly and the audience targeted is relevant to the business’s purpose. In addition, a digital marketer is also responsible for following the social media trends to ensure that the business profiles can get a maximum number of followers who will be directed to the website as inbound traffic. 

Focusing on advertisements 

Another major area where a digital marketer needs to work on is advertisements. Be it Google My Business ads or the Pay-Per-Click advertisement technique; a professional marketer needs to use different marketing strategies to provide the needed exposure to the business to thrive in the market and get more leads and traffic. 

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Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing refers to the strategies applied on a website that will make it more appealing and drive more audience traffic without paying a lump sum for advertisements.

Several techniques are followed in inbound marketing, like optimizing the website content via keyword inclusion, changing the user interface and making them much better, using visual content to provide a deeper insight into the business, etc. 

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Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the major responsibilities of a digital marketer. The professional works on devising strategies by which they can get more audience through emails and retain the existing ones. For example, notifying subscribers about the knowledge of a new product or a job vacancy in a corporation will help in customer retention. 

Link building

Another important role of a digital marketer is building proper links and ensuring that the crawler can easily find the business website. Be it by establishing multiple internal links within the website content or using high authority links for external linking, there are several ways in which proper links can be inserted into the website. The crawler algorithm will follow these links to reach your website and rank it for the SERPs. 

How much is a typical digital marketing salary?

There is a high demand for a qualified digital marketer who has the proper knowledge about different aspects of digital marketing in the USA. This is why the digital marketing salary is also high in the States, almost about $50,000 a year. According to the latest reports, companies like Deloitte, PWC, Accenture, DISYS, and others offer more than a hundred thousand for a highly experienced digital marketer. 

All in all, the salary will depend on: 

  1. The job role of the digital market
  2. The experience of the professional in the field 
  3. The company for which the professional is working
  4. Freelancers are always paid less as compared to the salaried employees
  5. The skillset of the digital marketing professional 

If you are applying for a job as a digital marketer in the US, make sure to research deeply about the job profile, the responsibilities associated with the title, and several other facts which will help you to decide whether the job role related to digital marketing is right for you or not. 

Conclusion on a Digital Marketing Salary

In the above article, we have explained the major responsibilities of a digital marketer and what those responsibilities entail. In addition, we have also given an insight into the digital marketing salary paid by the top companies in the US. So, if you want to pursue a career in this field, make sure you are aware of the responsibilities, the salary profile, and the expectations that your employer will have from you.

Refer to the table and map below to discover the average digital marketing salary for your state.

StatesSalary of Digital Marketer
New Hampshire$71,026
New Jersey$64,127
New Mexico$59,386
New York$73,676
North Carolina$54,034
North Dakota$66,199
Rhode Island$67,063
South Carolina$63,409
South Dakota$64,266
West Virginia$64,049

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