Best Marketing Books to Become a Freelancer

Becoming a marketer without any formal education can seem scary. Luckily, it has been one of the most rewarding journeys for me. Coming from a developer background, I had no clear where to start as a marketer or how to become a freelancer. Here are my best marketing books to become a freelance marketer.

The best marketing books to read to become a freelancer:
1. DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson
2. StoryBrand by Donald Miller
3. Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson
4. To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink
5. Built to Sell
6. Company of One
7. The Sales Acceleration Formula
8. Influence
Best Marketing books to read covered in this article

DotCom Secretsby Russell Brunson

If you’re new to marketing, DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson will give you all the fundamentals you need to succeed. My background is not in marketing. I went to college for computer science, and then found a passion for marketing afterward. If you’re like me and have no clue what you’re doing when it comes to marketing, DotCom Secrets will set you on the right path.

DotComSecrets will walk you through:

  • What a funnel is
  • How to write an email sequence
  • How to tell a story

It will have you running to sign up for a 14-day free trial of Clickfunnels so that you can start selling these services to prospective buyers desperate for marketing help.

You can buy the book here by paying only for the shipping.

StoryBrand by Donald Miller

Messaging in marketing is critical to see any results. No matter what role you are in, even marketing technology, it is critical that you can write a message that excites and drives people to action.

StoryBrand is the fastest book you can read that will teach you everything you need to know about writing a compelling message. Donald Miller communicates his points quickly and in the most simple manner possible.

You will be shocked by how simple marketing can be when using the StoryBrand messaging framework and you can use it to sell websites with incredible copy that floors your clients.

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

If you want to dive deeper into creating an impact using marketing, Expert Secrets is the best book on this list. Expert Secrets completely changed the way I think about inspiring others into action.

Expert Secrets breaks down the top ideological movements in history to show how leaders inspire people to take action. Russell Brunson is by far one of the best marketers to learn from and this book can help you sell messaging to companies in need at a premium.

It is also perfect if you want to amp up your messaging for your own business as it will teach you how to move people to take action.

You can purchase Expert Secrets here.

To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink

When I first learned about business and sales, I was overwhelmed. I thought that I could never be successful at selling since I didn’t have the extroverted personality for it. I had all these preconceptions of what sales was, that I didn’t even leave the option for me to be good at it.

That all changed when I read To Sell is Human.

To Sell is Human breaks down every assumption you have about sales to show its power to help others. If you have ever thought that salespeople are “sleazy”, this book will flip that idea on its head and give you respect for the art of sales.

Since reading To Sell is Human, I have been able to close deals that have been beneficial to me and the people I sell to. I would have never taken the leap into learning sales if I had not read this book.

You can find my thoughts on selling even if you’re an introvert in this article where I explain how to find new clients in one week.

Built to Sell

If you are looking to build a business that provides freedom and wealth to your life, Built to Sell may be the best place to start. In a 5 hour read, this short, but impactful book will tell you exactly how to build your business so that you can sell it.

It was recommended to me by Dan Marzullo and it was the blueprint he used to build his business.

This book recommends changing your business completely to sell only repeatable projects, a pricing model I cover in my article on freelancer pricing.

By building a business with a repeatable project at its core, you can add employees easily, allocate resources faster, and build a business that someone would want to buy.

Company of One

Growth is often the goal of any business. Company of One aims to flip this paradigm on its head and question why a company can’t stay the same year over year. Instead of focusing on growing by adding employees and increasing revenue, Company of One suggests a company build on one employee ( the founder ) can be used to improve their life and work.

Company of One will change the way you think about running a freelancing business and help you redefine success. Sometimes growth is overrated when compared to living the life that lets you focus on what you love.

The Sales Acceleration Formula

I work in Sales and Marketing Operations so this book has been critical to my ability to become an expert in my field. It outlines how companies can grow faster by tracking all the metrics they need to grow.

By tracking all of those metrics, startups can grow faster and focus on the avenues of growth that provide the greatest returns.

This has been critical to my growth as a freelance marketing technologist and has helped me become an expert in HubSpot within a short timeline of three years.


Influence completely shifted the way I see marketing and sales. Before, I followed gimmicks and tactics in marketing without considering how it would make the buyer feel.

After reading Influence, I have a strong internal compass on what will move the people I speak with and the people who interact with my landing pages.

Using the information in this book, I was able to sell advertising services at a premium by creating landing pages that converted from 10% to 15% for software startups.

Chop Wood Carry Water

This book is my favorite of all the ones above. While it has nothing to do with freelancing or marketing technology, it has a lot to do with mindset and patience.

Chop Wood, Carry Water walks through the story of an aspiring samurai archer who wants results immediately! His wise teacher takes multiple moments along his journey to teach him lessons about patience, enjoying the journey, and avoiding jealousy.

When he finally becomes a samurai archer 10 years later, it is shown how much these lessons of patience and daily action have changed him.

If you struggle with long-term thinking, this book is perfect to slow you down and help you realize that daily action and enjoyment in the journey is the most important towards living a life worth leading.

It helped me take more intentional action over my journey and shift my mindset from a sprint to a marathon.

Conclusion on the Best Marketing Books

These 9 books are the best marketing books that have helped me become a marketing freelancer that has extra time.

If you have recommendations on books that have helped you become a better marketer, feel free to reply to my newsletter with them!

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