Hi I'm Kevin!
Welcome to Marketing Tech Course!

My goal with this blog is to help you learn Marketing Technology to advance your career!

That could mean different things for you. You may want to become a freelancer like me or earn a new promotion. 

Follow along to see how you can learn this growing industry and leverage it in your career.

My Marketing Tech Story

Marketing Technology has made a big impact on our career and I'd love to help you use it too! I've always wanted to become a consultant, run my own business, and own my own schedule.

When the COVID19 Pandemic hit, I was laid off my from my third job on a Friday afternoon.

I took it as a leap of faith and started freelancing that hour.

By the time I hit Sunday at midnight, I realized I had hit my first monthly revenue goals.

Fast forward a year and a half later, I have doubled my salary in only half the year and only work 20 hours a week.

I plan on going on a trip to Europe from September to November with my free time.

Marketing technology is the reason I am able to run a business that gives me more freedom and I'd love to share that with you whether your goals are to find a new role, earn a promotion, or run a business like me!

For whatever reason you have, I'm eager to have you join me and start your personal journey.