Productized Offering: Creating A Predictable Business

Running a business is a task that requires you to face constant challenges. The market is ever-changing, and brands always run into fierce competition over the same niche. Even if your brand experiences a thriving business, it’s wise to reach for more. Sooner or later, you will realize that project-to-project revenue is not the most […]

Sales Forecasting 101: Methods To Predict Revenue

Long-term thinking and evaluation are enormously rewarded in sales. Businesses often employ various evaluation methods to enable their brand to make better decisions for both the short and the long term. Everything that affects cash flow, such as hiring, goal-setting, and budgeting, needs to be considered when you make plans for the future. The tracking […]

Social Listening Tools: Be In The Know On Your Brand

Social media and brands often go hand in hand in today’s modern world. Any brand that aspires for long-term growth and success has to invest in a social media presence sooner or later. Your social media presence is characterized by brand awareness, positive brand image, and conversions. This brings us to today’s topic, social listening […]

Commission Plan Examples: How to Motivate a Sales Team

The job of a sales rep is tough. Sales is a field with numerous challenging tasks and demanding routines. The efforts of salespersons often go unnoticed by brands, resulting in a salesperson losing motivation for selling and talking to prospects. So, how can you uplift the spirits of your sales reps?¬†With a commission plan, of […]

Touchpoint Tracking: How Many Emails & Calls To Close A Deal

A job of a salesman is pretty tough. Convincing prospects can be a demanding task, something that many people don’t admit. It is considered very lucky for a salesperson if his first client outreach results in a close deal. But let’s be honest here, it is rarely the case with most prospects. A question that […]