Marketing Technology Influencers: 6 Leaders To Follow Today

Influencer marketing for B2B companies is big business. Many of the world’s largest B2B companies are now relying on them to promote their products and support their platforms. Here is a list of six marketing technology influencers that you should be aware of in 2021: Scott Brinker Scott Brinker is the VP of Platform Ecosystems […]

Sales Operation Metrics To Track In Your CRM

“What you can’t trace, you can’t measure”. By tracking important sales operation metrics, you can analyze the performance of your team, as well as take steps for enhancing your ROI. There’s a wide variety of reports, and data points, ranging from the proportion of salespeople who use your CRM and cohort retention rate to the […]

Marketing Technology Certifications: Can They Improve Your Resume?

marketing tech certifications

Even though professional certifications have a reputation for pumping up the resume, the evolving nature of marketing technology certifications implies that customer product enablement programs and vendor-sponsored certifications will continue to be needed.  There are several continuing education options meant to assist marketers to advance their careers at every point, from product-focused classes to platform-specific […]

Marketing Technology Job Description Template

Marketing technology has opened several doors for people looking for jobs. And the jobs are expanding day by day due to the rapidly growing industry. So this may be the perfect time to apply for the most suitable jobs and make your career. These jobs have specific requirements and come with numerous benefits. Following are […]

Marketing Metrics: 7 Numbers Every Marketer Should Track

A true marketer is always looking to improve marketing by either brainstorming new strategies or checking their marketing metrics.  The key is to ensure that the marketing is appropriately aligned to bring about the desired results.  The question is, how do you successfully monitor your marketing metrics? What are the critical areas that are a […]