Marketing Technology Jobs to Ignite Your Career

Marketing technology is one of the most booming industries and offers a diverse variety of marketing technology jobs for everyone. It is not limited to the educational background only. For working in the marketing technology industry, you must have some skills up your sleeve.  Apart from IT, whether you’re an expert in graphics, writing, analytics, […]

5 Ps Of Marketing: Keys To A Perfect Marketing Plan

5ps of marketing

Companies of all times have devoted loads of time and money to figure out what is the perfect marketing plan. There have been certain instances where marketers were able to crack a part of the plan, but half a recipe does not bake a cake, does it?  This is where the 5 Ps of marketing […]

Digital Marketing Salary & Responsibilities

As a digital marketer, you won’t just have to be responsible for getting higher rankings for client’s websites. Instead, there are several other responsibilities that a digital marketer needs to fulfill, regardless of whether he is a freelancer or earning a digital marketing salary.  Many people have wrong speculations about digital marketing, job roles and […]

Contribution Margin: Proving Marketing’s Return

Contribution margin with marketing strategies helps understand how effective the strategy was. Digital marketing has made its way into the marketing business, but measuring success and cost analysis is not easy. However, doing so is necessary to prove marketing’s return on investment (ROI). The marketing channels have increased over the past years, which made proving […]

Marketing Technology Stack: The Key Components

The marketing department is, probably, the most important pillar of any business. Marketers play a crucial part in a business’ success not only by spreading the word about your offerings but also by implementing creative marketing ideas to keep you competitive in the market. They help you stay ahead of the competition and drive new […]