Marketing Technology: What Is The Hype About

Technology – a term we all got used to within months of its invention. The growth of technology is incredibly fast. From simple computer systems to human-like robots, technology has taken over the world. It continues to grow to show absolutely no signs of stopping. This article covers the three aspects: what, how, and why of […]

Marketing Technology Resume Writing

Whether you are seeking remote work, in-office employment or a combination of the two, marketing technology jobs have quickly grown in popularity over the past decade. Furthermore, with the recent global pandemic, the way consumers and companies conduct business with the use of technology has drastically changed in just the past year. Discover how to write […]

Freelancer Pricing: Retainer, Hourly, Project, Oh My!

Finding the best freelancer pricing for your business can seem daunting! Don’t worry, I will walk you through the best way to price your projects. These packages are based on my experience; however, I hope they are a foundation that you can use to start your pricing and earn freedom in your life. Repeatable Project […]