Start Freelancing Full-time after Being Laid Off

Bradley Jacob: Absolutely. Why don’t we just start out with an overview of you just professional career kind of what you’ve been doing to date? Kevin Mead: Yeah, for sure. So, my background a little similar to yours. I’ve been in SAAS startups; I work mostly in b2b. When I left college, I was on […]

Increase Software Sales Using Data & Automation with Kevin Mead

Intro: Today’s sales managers are caught in the middle. The C-suite wants results, faster. Marketing departments push them to make sure no lead falls through the cracks. And sales reps. don’t respond to simply cracking the whip harder, but there is both an art and science to leading successful sales teams. In this show, you’ll […]

Marketing Technology Interview Questions to Prepare for Your First Role

In the digital age, marketing technology is a vital tool for business automation and survival. While it would be possible to grow a business without the use of schedulers, funnels, and CRMs, the eCommerce venture would likely be long and arduous. This reality creates space for marketing technology specialists and places high value on marketing […]