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Consulting vs Contracting

As technology becomes advanced and the demands for freelancers multiply, people must understand how to market themselves to a client. The two pathways that an

Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Choosing a profession has always been a critical decision of life. Every profession has some pros and cons regarding work commitments. In this time of

Marketing Funnel Cheatsheet

Have you ever wondered whether your conversion strategies are optimal for your business? After all, understanding the psyche of prospects is crucial to the growth

The Four Agreements in Freelancing

The Four Agreements is a book written by Don Miguel Ruiz. It outlines four agreements with yourself that will help your emotional well-being. They have

Marketing Technology for Software Startups

Any software as a service startup is a massive opportunity for a marketing technologist to provide value as an employer or a freelancer. Follow along

Sales Operation Metrics To Track In Your CRM

“What you can’t trace, you can’t measure”. By tracking important sales operation metrics, you can analyze the performance of your team, as well as take

Digital Marketing Salary & Responsibilities

As a digital marketer, you won’t just have to be responsible for getting higher rankings for client’s websites. Instead, there are several other responsibilities that

Contribution Margin: Proving Marketing’s Return

Contribution margin with marketing strategies helps understand how effective the strategy was. Digital marketing has made its way into the marketing business, but measuring success

Hey! I'm Kevin Mead. 👋

After getting let go from my third job during the pandemic, I started contracting full-time with only two years of job experience. 

Selling marketing technology services, I’ve been able to double my old salary in half a year only working 20 hours a week. 

I now focus on helping others learn marketing technology and travel in my free time.